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At Box Busters we strive to make your moving and storing experience cost effective and anxiety free. In today's economy, you can't afford to waste time or pay too much by purchasing boxes at U-Haul or other local moving and storage companies.

At Box Busters you can purchase just the right number and type of boxes you need at the lowest price. Once you are done using them, we will take them back and pay you a 20% refund*. It's time to save money and keep our environment healthy.

Here's How Box Busters Works!
• Choose just the right materials you need to move or store your possessions
• Return the boxes in *good condition in 90 days
• Receive a 20% refund*

*Only our boxes are eligible for the 20% refund. Boxes must be tape free, in good reusable condition, no tears, stains, rips, puncture marks, or writing on more than two sides. Used boxes may be available as stock permits. Returned boxes are sold at a discount or recycled depending upon condition.

Box Buster's Sizes & Prices

Small 16" x 12" x 12" $1.39
Medium 8" x 18" x 16" $2.03
Large 18" x 18" x 24" $2.47
Dish Barrel (Double Thickness) 18" x 18" x 28" $4.68
Wardrobe + Bar 24" x 21" x 48" $10.97
Packing Paper 24" x 36" $17.68
Tape (Per Roll) 2" x 110 yards $2.95
Tape Gun 2" with Brake $8.16
Tape & Tape Gun $9.99
Bubble Wrap 12x24" Sheets $0.25 Per Sheet
Stretch Wrap 5"x1000" $5.27
King Mattress Cover 78"X12"X90" $7.59
Double Mattress Cover 54"X12"X90" $5.79

It's Just That Simple!!!!!!
Don't delay, please call today at 585.413.3552 and place your order or visit our store at 1600 Lexington Avenue, Suite 346, Rochester, New York 14606.

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